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Share your artwork

  • Haywain, with Cruise missiles, Peter Kennard
    Peter Kennard's "Haywain with Cruise Missiles"
  • Lady Grey with peace sign
    The Execution of Peace (Paul McNeill) inspired by Paul Delaroche
  • Christ drives the arms dealers from the Gallery
    By Chris Holden (© Chris Holden 2012), inspired by El Greco.
  • Mr and Mrs Andrews in war zone
    Mr & Mrs Armsdealer (Paul McNeill), inspired by Thomas Gainsborough
  • Haywain with child soldier
    Haywain with child soldier (Vincent van Caat) inspired by Constable
  • Toilet of Venus with reflected skull
    Death of Venus (Paul McNeill) inspired by Velasquez
  • Sunflowers with landmines
    Sunflowers with landmines (Vincent van Caat)

Get artistic

Love art but not arms companies? Help us build an online gallery of art with a message. Inspired by National Gallery pieces, why not find a creative way of showing just why art and arms don't mix?

We will share your pieces on Facebook, FlickR and Tumblr, before printing a real-world exhibition in Winter. Please send your completed artwork to by email (If you can send a high-res version, it will really help us when it comes to printing) or to the CAAT office (Unit 4, 5–7 Wells Terrace, N4 3JU).

Page created 11 September 2012
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