• Essam Atta's mother
    Ne'ma, Cairo, October 2011 (Picture: Maggie Osama on Flickr)
  • Ne'ma's son, Essam Atta, was tortured to death in a military prison in Cairo in October 2011. The UK is still arming Egypt
  • Saudi forces enter Bahrain
    Saudi Arabia used UK-made armoured vehicles in Bahrain
  • Essam Atta's mother
    Libya, August 2011. (Picture: Jeroen Oerlemans/Panos)
  • A man hears that his brother was among 50 prisoners - mainly civilians – massacred by Gaddafi troops. The UK helped arm and train the unit responsible.
  • Haya, Gaza
    Gaza, December 2008. (Picture: Mohammad Rujailah)
  • Haya, 12, was killed with her sister Lama, 4, in Israel's attacks on Gaza in 2008. The UK supplied parts for the planes used in the bombing.
  • This is NOT OK

Weapons supplied by the UK have been used against democracy protesters in the Middle East and North Africa. This is NOT OK

Yet the UK still spends public money on persuading some of the world's worst human rights abusers and most unstable regimes to buy weapons. This is NOT OK.

Even as public services are cut, £700 million is wasted on subsidising arms exports every year – enough to fund 33,000 newly qualified nurses. This is NOT OK.

In September 2011, the government helped organise a massive arms fair in London, inviting 14 authoritarian regimes to shop for weapons. The arms fair is due to return in 2013. This is NOT OK.

More than 9,000 people have signed our petition to say: This is NOT OK. It's time to end government support for the arms trade and close the DSEI arms fair. Add your voice!