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Philip Hammond saying those who arm wrongdoers are complicit in their actions

Stop Arming Israel

They have been supplying them, they have been supporting them, they have been providing them with succour. They cannot deny their responsibility for the acts that these people are carrying out.

New Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond was talking about Russian supplies to separatists in Ukraine. But how about applying the same logic to the UK's arms sales to Israel?

Graphic combining TNT chemical structure & NO2 arms dealers in the museum

The Science Museum is supporting arms dealers

The Science Museum hosted a networking event for the Farnborough International arms fair, where weapons sales are promoted to human rights abusers. Please ask the Museum to support Science and Engineering which is about improving life, not taking it away.

Arms export licences approved to Egypt up 1000% from 2011

Stop arming Egypt

A new report from Human Rights Watch has said that Egypt's crackdown on protests in 2013 "not only constituted serious violations of international human rights law, but likely amounted to crimes against humanity." The UK Foreign Office has expressed concern about human rights in Egypt – but actions speak louder than words.

The UK has never stopped selling arms to Egypt. In fact, the value of arms sales the Foreign Office has permitted has increased tenfold since the revolution.

Make a date to challenge the arms trade in 2014

Make a date to challenge the arms trade

Come to a training day, event or action and be part of the growing movement which is stepping up the pressure on the arms trade.

Disarm the Musuem logo

Disarm the Museum

The London Transport Museum is sponsored by Thales, a huge arms company.

Thales supplies missiles, drones and other military products and it has armed repressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, Colombia, Kazakhstan and the UAE. It has used the Museum's room for weapons sales meetings.

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Page updated 13 August 2014
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