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Arms company stand at the Big Bang Fair

Get the arms trade out of science education

Science and Engineering are worth celebrating. They can help us create amazing things and make the world better. But weapons company Selex are sponsoring the Edinburgh Science Festival. Selex say they sponsor the fair in order to 'inspire the potential future workforce'. Is this the future children would choose?

Arms exportlicences approved to Egypt up 1000% from 2011

Stop arming Egypt

Over 500 people have been sentenced to death in Egypt, in a 'grotesque' ruling made after just two court sessions. The UK Foreign Office has expressed concern about the death sentences – but actions speak louder than words.

The UK has never stopped selling arms to Egypt. In fact, the value of arms sales the Foreign Office has permitted has increased tenfold since the revolution.

Make a date to challenge the arms trade in 2014

Make a date to challenge the arms trade

Come to a training day, event or action and be part of the growing movement which is stepping up the pressure on the arms trade.

Placard with Typhoon image: So tell me again: Why is Cameron silent on Bahrain's human rights abuses?

Pushing weapons to Bahrain's dictators

Despite promises of reform after the violent crackdown in 2011, repression in Bahrain has intensified. Those who speak up for democratic reform face being tortured and locked up, or sent into exile.

The UK government is still prioritising arms sales over human rights in Bahrain – even sending Prince Andrew to help sell BAE's Eurofighter Typhoons. Bahrain has no military need for fighter jets, but it does have a political need: buying UK weapons is also buying UK silence on Bahrain's human rights abuses.

  • Please ask your MP to take action to promote human rights, not arms sales, to Bahrain. Enter your postcode to find your MP.
Protester stands in front of riot police in Bahrain

Promote human rights not arms sales

The UK government spends public money pushing arms sales, often to authoritarian regimes and human rights abusers.

Cameron's on a huge push to sell fighter jets to authoritarian regimes in the Gulf. But these tyrants aren't just buying weapons; they are also buying silence on their appalling human rights records too.

Disarm the Musuem logo

Disarm the Museum

The London Transport Museum is sponsored by Thales, a huge arms company.

Thales supplies missiles, drones and other military products and it has armed repressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, Colombia, Kazakhstan and the UAE. It has used the Museum's room for weapons sales meetings.

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Page updated 14 April 2014
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