Sources of Information

UK arms export data

Information about UK arms exports is available in two main forms - licences that have been granted (or occasionally refused) and actual deliveries. The government also estimates total orders for "defence equipment and services".

Export licences



Arms export promotion

  • The government's arms promotion unit, UKTI Defence & Security Organisation (UKTI DSO), has identified priority markets and produced marketing guides for a number of these

Arms embargoes

Global, EU & US arms export data

CAAT uses two main sources for international arms trade figures: SIPRI which uses public sources but does not include components or services; and the US Congressional Research Service (CRS) which uses non-public US Government data. A short comparison of the sources is available here. UN and EU data is also linked below.

Arms companies

Arms companies can be located using CAAT's company map, arms industry directories and lists of exhibitors at arms fairs such as DSEI. Further information can then be found on individual company websites.

Major arms companies

The largest arms companies have a lot of information in the general and trade media, and the existence (though not the details) of many of their deals will be in the public domain. Researchers have also produced profiles of some of the major companies.

Minor arms companies

If the company is not one of the major arms producers, it often becomes difficult to obtain information. However, local press may have stories and angles that are useful, and investigative journalists, campaign organisations or local activists may have uncovered information on controversial deals. You can obtain information about limited companies from Companies House.

Campaigns against specific companies

There are also UK campaigns about individual companies:

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Page updated 1 March 2013
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