• Information, including details of CAAT's concerns, regarding the House of Commons' Foreign Affairs Committee's inquiry into UK relations with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. 2012-13
  • Information Tribunal documents and transcripts from appeals against a ruling by the Information Commissioner not to release papers regarding arms sales to Saudi Arabia. March 2008.
  • Saudi arms files revealed for first time. CAAT has placed into the public domain UK Government documents on the highly secretive Al Yamamah deal with Saudi Arabia. The deal is the subject of the only National Audit Office report ever kept from Parliament. March 2007.
  • Al Jazeera's February 2007 documentary "Trail of the Dove", about Al Yamamah and the allegations of corruption that surround it, is available on YouTube:
  • As agreements for the massive Eurofighter Typhoon sale to Saudi Arabia were being finalised, a CAAT researcher unearthed secrets of the previous Al Yamamah contract. The Government was so worried that it retrieved the files from The National Archive. Read about it in The Guardian, October 2006.
  • CAAT research revealed by Newsnight: UK arms sales to Saudi founded on bribery, June 2006.
  • Information regarding documents uncovered by a CAAT researcher in the UK's National Archives reveal the lengths to which past and present Governments have gone to cover up questionable payments in UK arms deals, especially with Saudi Arabia, January 2006.
  • The Arabian Connection: the UK arms trade to Saudi Arabia, CAAT, 2000Summary | Full report
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