UK Arms Export Licences

UK Arms Export Licences

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Date: From 2010-01-01
Country: Liberia
Item: inertial equipment


2 results

Date Type Country Item Revoked Rating Value
2012-07-30 SIEL Liberia (notes)
 inertial equipment T  
 7A003 £50,000
2011-12-05 SIEL Liberia (notes)
 inertial equipment T  
 7A003 £115,000
2 results

Country Footnotes

Liberia The arms embargo against Liberia was renewed by UN Security Council resolution 1521 (2003) and extended most recently until 14 December 2012 by UNSCR 2025 (2011). Strict exceptions to the embargo exist for certain purposes - e.g. humanitarian purposes, goods and assistance programmes destined for the UN peacekeeping mission (UNMIL) or the Government of Liberia. All exports for this destination were approved in accordance with the sanctions in place.
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