UK Arms Export Licences

UK Arms Export Licences

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Date: From 2010-01-01
Country: China
Item: small arms ammunition
Rating: ML11


2 results

Date Type Country Item Revoked Rating Value
2013-05-23 SIEL China (notes)
 components for combat aircraft  
 components for NBC detection equipment T  
 equipment for the use of NBC detection equipment T  
 NBC detection equipment T  
 small arms ammunition (notes)  
 software for NBC detection equipment T  
 technology for NBC detection equipment T  
 ML10 £299,200
 ML11 £600
 PL5017 £4,000
 ML21 £15,625
 ML22 £4,100
 ML3 £23,000
 ML7 £202,220
2010-10-21 SIEL China (notes)
 components for military firing sets T  
 equipment for the use of military firing sets T  
 military firing sets T  
 military utility helicopters  
 small arms ammunition  
 test equipment for military firing sets T  
 ML3 £21,000
 ML10 £50,000
 ML11 £6,153
 ML4 £15,044
2 results

Country Footnotes

China A declaration by the Madrid European Council on 27 June 1989 established an arms embargo on China. The UK interpretation of this embargo applies to: lethal weapons such as machine guns, large calibre weapons, bombs, torpedoes, rockets and missiles; specially designed components of these items and ammunition; military aircraft and helicopters, vessels of war, armoured fighting vehicles and other such weapons platforms; any equipment which might be used for internal repression. All exports for this destination were approved in accordance with the sanctions in place.
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