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UK Arms Export Licences

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Date: From 2010-01-01
Country: Libya
Item: equipment for the use of optical target surveillance equipment
Rating: ML11


1 results

Date Type Country Item Revoked Rating Value
2010-09-28 SIEL Libya (notes)
 components for optical target surveillance equipment T 2011-02-22
 equipment for the use of optical target surveillance equipment T 2011-02-22
 laser rangefinders T 2011-02-22
 military cameras T 2011-02-22
 military infrared/thermal imaging equipment T 2011-02-18
 optical target surveillance equipment T 2011-02-22
 ML15 £73,900
 ML11 £6,500
 PL5017 £2,000
 ML5 £60,400
1 results

Country Footnotes

Libya Arms trade sanctions against Libya were adopted by UN Security Council resolution 1970 in February 2011. UNSCR 1970 (2011) was implemented by the EU through Council Decision 2011/137/CFSP and Regulation No.204/2011. The EU measures also extended the scope of the UN travel ban and asset freeze, plus a ban on the export of equipment which could be used for internal repression. There are exemptions to the UN arms embargo measures for supplies of non-lethal military equipment intended solely for humanitarian or protective use, protective clothing for use by United Nations personnel, representatives of the media and humanitarian and development works and other sales or supply of arms and related materiel as approved in advance by the Committee. Procedures vary: some exports must be approved in advance by the Sanctions Committee while other require notification only. All exports for this destination must be in accordance with the sanctions in place.
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