UK Arms Export Licences

UK Arms Export Licences

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Status: Temporary
Country: Kenya
Rating: Military


5 results

Date Type Country Item Revoked Rating Value
2013-09-06 SIEL Kenya
 components for military support vehicles T  
 ML6 £40,500
2013-08-28 SIEL Kenya
 military support vehicles T  
 ML6 £54,000
2013-08-27 SIEL Kenya
 components for pistols (notes)  
 military support vehicles T  
 pistols (1) (notes)  
 ML1 £1,060
 ML6 £110,000
2012-11-20 SIEL Kenya (notes)
 military image intensifier equipment T  
 weapon night sights T  
 weapon sights T  
 ML15 £40,000
 ML1 £170,000
2012-04-10 SIEL Kenya
 equipment for the use of weapon night sights T  
 equipment for the use of weapon sights T  
 military electronic equipment T  
 military image intensifier equipment T  
 military infrared/thermal imaging equipment T  
 weapon night sights T  
 weapon sights T  
 ML15 £52,000
 ML1 £384,000
 ML11 £56,000
5 results

Country Footnotes

Kenya Licences granted that may include a combination of the following goods were issued for end use in maritime anti-piracy operations - assault rifles, body armour, components for assault rifles, components for pistols, components for rifles, direct view imaging equipment, military helmets, pistols, rifles, small arms ammunition, weapon sights, components for body armour, components for sporting guns, high quantities of sporting guns and combat shotguns.
Page created 8 March 2013
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