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UK Arms Export Licences

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Country: Antarctica


5 results

Date Type Country Item Revoked Rating Value
2013-08-05 OIEL Australian Antarctic Territory
 inertial equipment T  
2012-12-20 SIEL Antarctica (notes)
 military communications equipment T  
 ML11 £30,000
2012-11-22 OIEL Antarctica (notes)
 aircraft bladders  
 aircraft diaphragms  
 aircraft gaskets  
 aircraft military communications equipment  
 aircraft seals  
 aircraft valve seats  
 components for aircraft military communications equipment  
 components for equipment for the use of military support aircraft  
 components for military aero-engines  
 components for military aircraft ground equipment  
 components for military aircraft pressure refuellers  
 components for military aircrew breathing equipment  
 components for military guidance/navigation equipment  
 components for military infrared/thermal imaging equipment  
 components for military radars  
 components for military support aircraft  
 equipment for the use of military support aircraft  
 general military aircraft components  
 military aero-engines  
 military aircraft ground equipment  
 military aircraft pressure refuellers  
 military aircrew breathing equipment  
 military guidance/navigation equipment  
 military infrared/thermal imaging equipment  
 technology for military support aircraft  
2012-08-20 SIEL British Antarctic Territory
 components for military communications equipment  
 ML11 £1,930
2008-07-04 SIEL Antarctica
 military communications equipment T  
 ML11 £3,313
5 results

Country Footnotes

Antarctica All applications for exports to this destination were assessed against the Consolidated Criteria. During this period there were no developments in this destination which required a change in our assessments from the previous quarter.
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