UK Arms Export Licences

UK Arms Export Licences

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Date: From 2010-01-01
Country: Armenia


18 results

Date Type Country Item Revoked Rating Value
2014-03-03 OIEL Armenia (notes)
 software for equipment employing cryptography (notes)  
2014-02-05 Refused (1) SIEL Armenia (notes)
 pressure transducers  
 End Use N/A
2013-10-07 SIEL Armenia (notes)
 equipment employing cryptography  
 5A002 £1,500
2013-10-03 SIEL Armenia (notes)
 X-ray accelerators  
 3A101 £2,014,496
2013-07-04 SIEL Armenia (notes)
 chemicals used for pharmaceutical/healthcare production  
 1C350 £230
2013-07-03 Refused (1) SIEL Armenia (notes)
 sporting guns (1)  
 weapon sights  
 ML1 N/A
2013-04-12 OIEL Armenia (notes)
 equipment employing cryptography (notes)  
2013-01-10 OIEL Armenia (notes)
 components for accelerometers  
 components for guidance/navigation equipment  
 components for gyroscopes  
 guidance/navigation equipment  
2013-01-08 SIEL Armenia (notes)
 all-wheel drive vehicles with ballistic protection  
 ML6 £72,500
2012-11-26 OIEL Armenia (notes)
 equipment employing cryptography  
 software for equipment employing cryptography  
2012-11-05 Refused OIEL Armenia (notes)
 aircraft bladders  
 aircraft diaphragms  
 aircraft gaskets  
 aircraft military communications equipment  
 aircraft seals  
 aircraft valve seats  
 components for aircraft military communications equipment  
 components for equipment for the use of military support aircraft  
 components for military aero-engines  
 components for military aircraft ground equipment  
 components for military aircraft pressure refuellers  
 components for military aircrew protective equipment  
 components for military guidance/navigation equipment  
 components for military infrared/thermal imaging equipment  
 components for military radars  
 components for military support aircraft  
 equipment for the use of military support aircraft  
 general military aircraft components  
 military aero-engines  
 military aircraft ground equipment  
 military aircraft pressure refuellers  
 military aircrew protective equipment  
 military guidance/navigation equipment  
 military infrared/thermal imaging equipment  
 technology for military support aircraft  
2012-07-30 SIEL Armenia (notes)
 0C002 £1,024
2012-07-23 SIEL Armenia (notes)
 7A101 £2,300
2012-06-18 OIEL Armenia (notes)
 all-wheel drive vehicles with ballistic protection  
 body armour  
 components for munitions/ordnance detection/disposal equipment  
 devices for initiating explosives  
 munitions/ordnance detection/disposal equipment  
 non-military firing sets  
2012-02-14 OIEL Armenia (notes)
 cryptographic software  
2012-02-07 SIEL Armenia (notes)
 equipment employing cryptography  
 5A002 £3,000
2011-11-29 Refused OIEL Armenia (notes)
 technology for military communications equipment  
2010-12-02 OITCL Armenia
Non Specific Country
 promoting the supply of Category B goods  
 promoting the supply of military goods  
 promoting the supply of pepper sprays for self protection  
 promoting the supply of portable anti-riot devices  
 promoting the supply of tear gas for self protection  
 promoting the supply of tear gas/riot-control agents  
18 results

Refusal Criteria

1 UK’s international obligations and commitments under non-proliferation Treaties and Conventions and export control regimes, particularly with regard to proliferation of weapons of mass destruction or ballistic missiles; UK’s commitments and obligations to observe UN, EU or OSCE arms embargoes; Existence of national embargoes or policy commitments; UK’s obligations under the Ottawa Convention and the 1998 Land Mines Act.

Country Footnotes

Armenia The UK interprets the OSCE arms embargo for Armenia as prohibiting the export of any military goods or technology to any person, or to any destination, in Armenia. It has been UK practice occasionally to make an exemption in its interpretation of the embargo by approving exports of non-lethal military goods to humanitarian, media or peacekeeping organisations, where it is clear that the embargo was not intended to prevent those exports and there is a strong humanitarian case for them.
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