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Date: From 2010-01-01
Country: Cayman Islands


14 results

Date Type Country Item Revoked Rating Value
2014-03-27 SIEL Cayman Islands (notes)
 components for marine position fixing equipment  
 6A001 £10,898
2014-01-13 SIEL Cayman Islands (notes)
 imaging cameras  
 6A003 £130,000
2013-12-18 SIEL Cayman Islands (notes)
 inertial equipment  
 7A003 £20,000
2013-08-02 SIEL Cayman Islands (notes)
 cryptographic software  
 equipment employing cryptography  
 5A002 £7,750
 5D002 £3,468
2013-05-03 SIEL Cayman Islands (notes)
 sporting guns (1)  
 ML1 £2,200
2013-05-02 SIEL Cayman Islands (notes)
 sporting guns (1)  
 ML1 £2,200
2012-11-05 SIEL Cayman Islands (notes)
 assault rifles (6)  
 components for assault rifles  
 components for machine guns  
 technology for assault rifles  
 weapon cleaning equipment  
 weapon night sights  
 weapon sight mounts  
 PL5017 £357
 ML1 £19,131
 ML22 £0
2012-08-24 OIEL Cayman Islands
 components for accelerometers  
 components for guidance/navigation equipment  
 components for gyroscopes  
 guidance/navigation equipment  
2011-11-01 OIEL Cayman Islands
 components for inertial equipment T  
 inertial equipment T  
 technology for inertial equipment T  
2011-08-24 SIEL Cayman Islands
 sporting guns (1)  
 sporting guns (1)  
 ML1 £2,800
2010-09-28 SIEL Cayman Islands
 inertial equipment  
 7A003 £46,500
2010-07-01 SIEL Cayman Islands
 shotguns (1)  
 ML1 £1,940
2010-05-26 SIEL Cayman Islands
 heading sensors for hydrophone arrays  
 6A001 £24,772,000
2010-05-17 SIEL Cayman Islands
 marine position fixing equipment  
 6A001 £38,363
14 results

Country Footnotes

Cayman Islands All applications for exports to this destination were assessed against the Consolidated Criteria. During this period there were no developments in this destination which required a change in our assessments from the previous quarter.
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