UK Arms Export Licences

UK Arms Export Licences

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Date: From 2010-01-01
Country: East Timor Egypt Ghana Guinea, Republic of Norway Serbia
Known value of licences approved during selected period: Military: Dual Use: Total:


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Rating Description Controlled Goods Export Value
ML10 Aircraft, helicopters, drones £55,354,110
3A231 Electronics £40,025,067
6A001 Sensors and lasers £39,960,908
ML1 Small arms £29,965,564
ML22 Technology £15,057,101
ML2 Light weapons, artillery £12,087,845
5A002 Telecommunications and "information security" £11,131,382
7A103 Navigation and avionics £7,807,981
8A001 Marine £7,707,903
ML6 Armoured vehicles, tanks £6,144,766

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