UK Arms Export Licences

UK Arms Export Licences

Search exports of arms and other controlled goods approved by the UK government. Learn more.
Date: From 2010-01-01
Country: Bolivia Corn Islands Egypt Hungary Nicaragua Rwanda


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Rating Description Controlled Goods Export Value
ML10 Aircraft, helicopters, drones £44,596,305
ML7 Chemical, biological agents £47,101
5A002 Telecommunications and "information security" £8,708,215
ML2 Light weapons, artillery £12,020,109
ML9 Warships £83,149
ML4 Grenades, bombs, missiles, countermeasures £354,347
5D002 Telecommunications and "information security" £240,779
ML1 Small arms £10,693,347
PL5017 Equipment and test models £37,455
ML22 Technology £52,904

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