UK Arms Export Licences

UK Arms Export Licences

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Date: From 2010-01-01
Country: Cayman Islands Ecuador Egypt Equatorial Guinea Hungary Iraq North America Tokelau Islands Ukraine United Arab Emirates Uruguay


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Rating Description Controlled Goods Export Value
5A002 Telecommunications and "information security" £5,562,436,033
ML10 Aircraft, helicopters, drones £890,647,278
ML4 Grenades, bombs, missiles, countermeasures £608,267,763
0C002 Nuclear materials, facilities and equipment £560,124,888
5D002 Telecommunications and "information security" £499,455,177
ML11 Other electronic equipment £280,101,869
ML9 Warships £172,518,922
6A001 Sensors and lasers £146,560,490
ML1 Small arms £146,467,677
ML5 Target acquisition, weapon control systems £105,042,082

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