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Manroy Engineering, is a medium sized company based in Beckley, Easy Sussex. They manufacture heavy and light machine guns, machine gun turrets for armoured vehicles, and sniper rifles (Manroy Website). In Manroy's own words "All Manroy equipment is on active service with worldwide and NATO forces" (Manroy Website).

It supplies the British Army with its primary machine guns, the L7A2 GPMG, and the .50 M2 HMG. It has also applied for export licences to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman in the last three years. Documents uncovered by The Sunday Telegraph (Telegraph, 10.9.2011) reveal the company promoted the sale of weaponry to Libya in the months preceding the 2011 revolution.


Power Works, Slade Green Road, Erith, Kent, DA8 2HU
Registered Office, 6 Lakeside Business Park, Swan Land, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9DN
Hobbs Lane, Beckley, East Sussex, TN31 6TS

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UAE tag: Manroy Engineering applied for at least one licence to export Military List equipment to the UAE in 2010, 2011 or 2012. The licence(s) were from the ML1, ML2 and ML3 categories, which cover small arms, artillery, mortars, smoke and gas projectors, and ammunition (see UK Strategic Export Control Lists). The information was revealed in a 5 March 2013 response to a CAAT Freedom of Information request.

2013/07/15 14:43

Libya tag: The Sunday Telegraph uncovered documents showing that Manroy was attempting to sell sniper rifles and machine guns to Libya in the months before the revolution began in February 2011. After attending the Libyan arms fair Libdex in 2010, Manroy invited Major General Al Sayd, the chief of military procurement and production of the Libyan Armed Forces, to visit the UK to view products including "the full range of sniper weapons that were on show at the Libdex Show along with our other products that include our range of UK MOD machine guns." The promotion effort was supported by the UK government. The visit had not yet taken place when the uprising began and the company stated (PDF) that it had not sold arms to Libya.

2013/07/15 14:42

Manroy Engineering's products include sniper rifles, machine guns, weapon mounting systems and turrets for armoured fighting vehicles.

2012/08/13 16:00

In 2008, the Telegraph reported that Manroy supplied the UK army with heavy machine guns and that the company also supplied the weapons to Saudi Arabia.

2012/08/13 16:00
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