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BCB International

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BCB International is a Cardiff based manufacturer of personal military equipment. Its products include body armour, military rucksacks, weapon accessories and a surveillance drone BCB Website.

BCB International was ejected from the DSEi 2007 arms fair for promoting leg irons (Guardian, 12.9.2007).


Clydesmuir Road, Cardiff, CF24 2QS


  • BCB International Ltd

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UAE tag: BCB International applied for at least one licence to export Military List equipment to the UAE in 2010, 2011 or 2012. The licence(s) were from the ML1, ML2 and ML3 categories, which cover small arms, artillery, mortars, smoke and gas projectors, and ammunition (see UK Strategic Export Control Lists). The information was revealed in a 5 March 2013 response to a CAAT Freedom of Information request.

2013/07/15 14:44

BCB International was removed from the DSEi arms fair in 2007 for promoting leg irons.

2012/09/05 14:00
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