End "arms control by embarrassment"

Arms dealers browse the wares at Farnborough 2014

As a Parliamentary Committee criticises UK arms exports, CAAT condemns 'arms control by embarrassment'. Why should it take a crisis before the government stops promoting and supporting arms sales to tyrants? Time and again we see the same tired excuses from government: we urgently need a fundamental revaluation of the UK's approach to arms sales.

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End military ties with Israel

The UK sells arms to Israel and spends millions on Israeli weapons. As Israel escalates its offensive against Gaza, CAAT calls for an embargo on all arms sales and military collaboration with Israel. Take action.

NO2 arms dealers in the science museum graphic
Arms dealers out of the Science Museum

The Science Museum hosted a networking event for Farnborough International, where weapons sales are promoted to human rights abusers.

Please sign the petition and ask the Museum to support science which is about improving life, not taking it away.

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Deception in High Places

Deception in High Places by Nicholas Gilby is available now. In his authoritative new book Gilby lifts the lid on the role of bribery and corruption in the UK arms trade. Based on painstaking research in government archives, collections of private and court papers and documents won by the author in a landmark Freedom of Information Tribunal against the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the book illuminates a shadow world of bribery and elite enrichment.

UK arms exports approved for Egypt
Stop arming Egypt

Protesters and journalists are being imprisoned in Egypt, and hundreds of people have been sentenced to death in two mass trials. The UK Foreign Office has expressed concern – but actions speak louder than words. The UK has never stopped selling arms to Egypt. In fact, the value of arms sales the Foreign Office has permitted has increased tenfold since the revolution. Please ask for an arms embargo now.

Page updated 24 July 2014
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