Affinity Schemes

CAAT and TREAT have teamed up with a number of organisations to offer you a variety of ways to help us raise money to fund our work.


CAAT has teamed up with the Triodos Bank, which has a commitment to never invest in the arms trade. The bank also publishes details of all of its investments so you can be sure where your savings are going. Triodos only lends its savers' money to people and organisations working to make a positive impact - culturally, socially and environmentally.

Open an account with Triodos and deposit £100 or more and they will donate £40 to Campaign Against Arms Trade. Find out more at where you can see the full terms and conditions.

The Phone Co-op

Campaign Against Arms Trade has joined up with The Phone Co-op, an ethical and environmentally responsible telephone service provider, to offer you a great deal on your telephone calls. By using The Phone Co-op, you save money, and help us to raise funds, as we receive 6% of your bill as commission.

For further details about the scheme and how to join, visit the Phone Co-op website or contact fundraising(at)caat·org·uk When applying to join, you must quote reference 384/AF0302 in order for CAAT to benefit.

Investing Ethically

Investing Ethically Ltd is a Norwich-based independent financial advisory firm, which provides long-term financial advice based on a commitment to ethical investment. The company is directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

If any CAAT supporters go to Investing Ethically for financial advice, the company will donate 10% of their initial commission to CAAT.

More information is available from the Investing Ethically website. If you do contact them, please mention that you heard about them through CAAT.


Dinner4Good helps you raise money for your favourite cause while enjoying a meal in the company of friends. The Trust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade (TREAT - Reg. charity 328694) has its own page on the Dinner4Good website. From there you can invite friends along to your fundraising dinner and they can make a secure donation to TREAT guests can choose how much to give and whether to keep their donations private, so it removes the awkwardness of asking people for a specific sum.

TREAT has kindly agreed to donate all money raised through this scheme to CAAT, to help fund our vital research and education work. For more information and to set up your own dinner page, visit TREAT's Dinner4Good page.

If you're thinking of holding a dinner, we'd love to hear from you! Just email fundraising(at)caat·org·uk.

Mobile phone recycling

The Trust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade (TREAT - Reg. charity 328694) has joined up with Greener Solutions to offer CAAT supporters a more environmentally friendly way to dispose of unwanted mobile phones. TREAT receives £2 for each recycled phone and has kindly agreed to donate all proceeds to CAAT's Research Programme. It won't cost you a thing! You simply need to send off your phone/s in a freepost envelope.

For more information or to order envelopes today contact fundraising(at)caat·org·uk Alternatively, to save CAAT the cost of posting envelopes to you, simply download the form below which has all the details you need to send off your phone.

PDF Mobile phone recycling form (49kb)

Greener Solutions will arrange free courier collection for 30 or more phones, so don't forget to tell your friends!

Page updated 10 May 2011
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