Trusts and Foundations

CAAT receives around one quarter of its fundraising income from trusts and foundations. These grants are made as one-off donations or as part of committed support over several years. Sometimes a trust will fund core work, but often grants are used to pay for part or all of a specific project.

Because of the nature of our campaign, which seeks to change government policy, CAAT cannot register as a charity. However, CAAT is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation and volunteers do a considerable proportion of the work. CAAT’s research and educational projects are eligible for charitable funding and a number of trusts support this work by making grants via the Trust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade (TREAT).

TREAT is a registered charity (number 328694) and although they work closely together, CAAT and TREAT are separate organisations. The TREAT trust deed objectives are:

"To promote research into the international arms trade and its effects and to disseminate the results of such research."

The trustees make grants to CAAT, to individuals (especially academics) and to other research organisations.

If you are a Charities Aid Foundation account holder and wish to make a donation to CAAT through TREAT, please specify clearly that you wish your donation to be used to fund CAAT's work. If making a gift to CAAT in this way, please be aware that your donation will be restricted to those areas of CAAT's work which are eligible for charitable funding - research and education. You may prefer to make a donation directly to CAAT to help fund our campaigning work.

To find out more about the Trust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade, visit the TREAT website.

To discuss possible areas for support, please contact CAAT's Fundraising Coordinator.