Drones and children's events shouldn't mix

visual comparison of drone and kids' robot

Can it really be the case that science festival organisers think that a company which supplies the kind of killer drones that have been used in Gaza are a suitable sponsor for a family day out? Please ask Edinburgh International Science Festival to end its arms company sponsorship.

Stop arming Egypt

Over 500 people have been sentenced to death in Egypt, in a 'grotesque' ruling made after just two court sessions. The UK Foreign Office has expressed concern about the death sentences – but actions speak louder than words. The UK has never stopped selling arms to Egypt. In fact, the value of arms sales the Foreign Office has permitted has increased tenfold since the revolution. Please ask for an arms embargo now.

Prince Charles looks awkward as he tries to do a saudi sword dance
Supporting repression

Three years ago Saudi Arabia sent armoured vehicles – made by UK arms company BAE Systems – into Bahrain to support its brutal crackdown on protest. The UK is still arming Bahrain and Saudi Arabia today. Last month Prince Charles flew to Saudi Arabia and danced for its autocratic rulers to help BAE secure another weapons deal. Take action.

banner held over stairs: Security & Policing, Selling repression
'Security & Policing'

Major weapons and spyware companies have gathered in Farnborough for a secretive exhibition. The Security & Policing fair includes "products which would be too sensitive to show in a more open environment" – but repressive regimes are still invited to shop. Despite the secrecy, activists managed to send a message during the arms dealers' dinner in a top Farnborough hotel.

Page updated 14 April 2014
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