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27 January 2011

IDEX 2009 was “one of the most successful defence shows for exhibitors to achieve signed business agreements”. Read more.

Nine display aircraft flying in formation
UK and India are bosom buddies

13 January 2011

“I am delighted at the strong British presence at Aero India 2009 which highlights the importance of the market”, said Richard Paniguian. Read more.

UKTI DSO in South America

30 November 2010

Chile is host to the seventh International Maritime and Naval Exhibition and Conference for Latin America, Exponaval. Read more.

Small arms in a display cabinet
UK joins human rights abusers

27 April 2010

Everybody who wants to be up-to-date in the arms business travelled to Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, last week where the Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA) was held. Read more.

A Eurofighter Typhoon in the sky
UKTI DSO at LIMA arms fair

3 December 2009

From 1 - 5 December UKTI DSO attends the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace arms fair in Malysia. It is one of the biggest arms fairs in the region and arms companies like BAE Systems are attending. Read more.

A fighter jet on a runway
UKTI DSO in Dubai

12 November 2009

From 15 - 19 November arms companies from all over the world meet in Dubai at one of the biggest arms fairs in this region. UKTI DSO confirmed their attendance to CAAT in Freedom of Information request. Read more.

Protesters singing in a choir
Liam Fox embraces arms industry

28 September 2009

The Conservative Shadow Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, gave a speech on 7 September where he promised that a Conservative government would increase government support for arms exports. Read more.

Protesters holding up a CAAT banner
CAAT's protest against DSEI and UKTI DSO

08 September 2009

This year's DSEI protests focused on UKTI DSO's support for the arms fair. We started our protests at the ExCeL Centre and then drove in two traditional routemaster buses to the UKTI DSO office. Read more...

A display showing a suited man as a civil servant and as an arms dealer
High-level political interventions in Libya

28 August 2009

Despite the controversy around the release of convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds UKTI DSO is keen on doing business with Libya. See our press release or read more...

Buddhist protesters beside a red bus
Meetings with China despite military embargo

31 July 2009

Even though the FCO human rights report lists China as a major country of concern, UKTI DSO does not see a problem in meeting military representatives from China to foster the trade of military equipment. Read more...

A protest march at the entrance to ExCeL
UKTI DSO is co-organising DSEI

01 July 2009

This year UKTI DSO are playing an intrinsic role in the organisation of DSEI, one of the largest international arms fairs.

A protester with a placard saying warning: arms dealers in the building
Meet the UKTI Board

30 March 2009

Marking the first anniversary of UKTI DSO, the UKTI board met to assess its progress. CAAT supporters where there with an alternative report and a giant cuckoo raising awareness of UKTI DSO's disproportionate support. Read more...

The House of Commons in session
Parliamentary Pressure


With the UKTI board ultimately responsible to ministers, and industry resistance to a reduction in support, it is vitally important to make parliamentarians aware of our message and arguments. Read more...

The entrance to an arms fair
Magnum Photo Blog - Inside an arms fair

22-26 February 2009

Martin Parr's Magnum photo blog provides a rare insight, and photographs, behind the heavily guarded doors of an international arms fair. Read more...

A display featuring a model of a Eurofighter Typhoon
UKTI DSO attend IDEAS arms fair

24-28 November 2008

This week UKTI DSO staff have been exhibiting at IDEAS. Just one in a litter of international arms fairs they participate in, and assist British manufacturers to attend, IDEAS is notable for its open invitation list. Read more...

Protesters with placards outside UKTI headquarters
UKTI HQ feel the heat

24 November 2008

This morning CAAT supporters surrounded the entrance to UKTI headquarters, Kingsgate House to raise awareness amongst both staff and passers-by, that arms dealers were operating in the building. Read more...

A drawing showing an arms dealer cuckoo in a nest taking food from chicks
Wooooosh – another counter-offensive!

08 November 2008

Almost 100 supporters and staff turned out for CAAT's annual National Gathering to witness the launch of our new core campaign UKTI: Armed and Dangerous. Read more...

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